12600 4th Ave W #10B

Calling all Treasure Hunters! Maps to Seattle's hidden treasures have started to surface. Do you have what it takes to outwit the other scavengers? Piece together clue after clue in order to be the first to reach a treasure and claim its bounty!

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How To Play

What is SeattleTreasure?

SeattleTreasure is a free Treasure Hunt! SeattleTreasure hides prizes throughout the city and periodically reveals clues via or through SeattleTreasure's social media handles.

What are the prizes?

Prizes vary from search to search. Initially SeattleTreasure is giving away cash until it builds some parternships and develops sponsors to give away different prizes.

Where are the hiding spots?

That is for you to figure out! Prizes might be buried, in a crack of a building, or possibly an obvious spot visible to every person walking by. But, in order to discover the treasure, fearless Treasure Hunters will have to follow the clues found at! SeattleTreasure will not put it's scavengers in danger; so, don't go hanging over ledges or teetering I-5 medians. Treasures are not in out-of-bound parts of parks or private property. Please don't go looking for Treasure in places that you shouldn't be in.

What if I find the Treasure?

Hurray, a brave Hunter has found the long lost Treasure! But how is it claimed? The Treasure will contain a TreasureCode. When found, email the TreasureCode to to unlock and claim your prize!

What if I am interested in partnering with SeattleTreasure?

SeattleTreasure receives a lot of web traffic and is a great way to get your company name out there. Find our email located in the "Contact" section.

How is this all free?

SeattleTreasure is paid for by advertisements and business partners. The more friends you tell SeattleTreasure about, the bigger the prizes will get!